What to Expect

  • The friendly staff at Moore Personnel will meet with you personally to discuss the recruitment process for temporary or permanent work.
  • Before leaving home; ensure you have investigated our office location, are well groomed as you would attend the office environment, and arrive on time.
  • You will be ‘skill tested’ to ensure skills suitability for a position. This is non-threatening and involves skills such as typing, data entry, Word, Excel and Power Point; depending on the job description requirements.
  • Once your interview and skill test results have been processed and the staff at Moore Personnel feel your skills and experience match the job description of one of our clients, you will be offered a placement.

Timesheets & Payday

  • Moore Personnel temporary staff are paid weekly on a Wednesday.
  • Your timesheet must be signed by a section head to ensure processing of your pay.
  • It is your responsibility to manage the delivery of your timesheet to our office on time by fax or email.
  • The deadline for delivery of timesheets to Moore Personnel is 9.00am Monday.
  • To be paid on time you must get your timesheet to us on time, otherwise you will have to wait until the following week.
  • Please contact the office immediately if your address or contact details change.
  • Timesheets can be sent by fax (08) 9388 6437 or via email to
  • It is your responsibility to keep a record of your timesheet as Moore Personnel does not reissue.

Click here to download timesheet